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Since I've now had a couple of people express interest in podficcing my stuff, I figure I should just come up with a public policy for that instead of dealing with it case-by-case. So!

My policy...is a little convoluted, because while I am sincerely flattered and pleased that anyone would want to record or listen to podfic of something I wrote, I...probably won't listen to it myself? See, I have weird embarrassment issues with watching video or audio recordings of myself, having something I wrote read aloud, being in the same room with someone while I know they are reading something I wrote, etc., to the point where I avoid doing all those things as much as I can. And I wasn't sure about this until it actually became an issue, but...yep, turns out that does extend to listening to someone read my fic.

But! I really really don't think my weird personal issues should stop people who enjoy podfic from enjoying it. Seriously, if you want to record a fic of mine, you absolutely have my blessing. I just hope it won't bother or upset you if I don't listen to it, and I want to establish at the outset that I'm probably not going to so you're not wondering why I never commented on it.

So! If, given that, you still want to podfic my stuff, here is the rest of my policy:

1. This is blanket permission to podfic anything I've posted here, so you don't need to ask me, although if you want to give me a heads-up that you're doing it, that's fine!

2. Link to the original fic post when you post your podfic.

3. Please don't edit or change the story at all (unless it's in the case of, like, a typo that slipped through the beta process, in which case please DO record it correctly /o\).

4. Please don't link, email, give or in any other way directly expose podfic of my stories to the people who are in them. This also goes for the fics themselves, by the way. I hope I don't need to tell anyone this but I get paranoid like that sometimes.

5. Link me to the finished product and I will gladly post about it here!

...I think that's it. Let me know if you have a question about something I haven't addressed here. Otherwise, go forth and podfic!
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I meant to post this earlier and then it got away from me (had kind of a crazy weekend), so I'm doing it now before I can forget again.

[personal profile] argentumlupine has recorded a podfic of The Fall and Rise of the Black Parade. I am SO pleased by this--that story is still the biggest thing I've done in terms of writing, fic or otherwise, and it makes me so happy that people are still discovering and enjoying it, and now there's a new way for people to experience it. Thank you so much, [personal profile] argentumlupine!


Nov. 16th, 2011 08:48 am
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[livejournal.com profile] desert_neon has recorded a podfic of A Lovely Apparition, which is the first podfic I've have made of one of my stories. I am looking forward to listening when I can (when I am no longer buried under a huge mound of stuff), but even without listening I am hugely excited and flattered. \o/ Check it out!


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