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Title: Joyous All Together
Fandom/Pairing: My Chemical Romance/Comics RPF, Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2209

Summary: This will be their first holiday all together in the house--the first of many, Grant very much hopes.

Author notes: Coda to A Crack in the Sky, set a little more than year after the epilogue and containing no ghosts or ghosthunting to speak of. Written for the Trope Bingo Round 1 square "mistletoe kiss". Many thanks to [personal profile] tuesdaysgone for a super-quick beta!

Joyous All Together
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Title: A Crack in the Sky

Author: [personal profile] jezrana

Band(s): My Chemical Romance (cameos by various members of other bands and comic book authors/artists)

Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison, background Mikey/Alicia

Word Count: 54,784

Rating: R

Warning(s): violence, self-harm, discussion of suicide, mentions of drug use and addiction problems, dubcon, demonic possession and horror themes

After discovering his psychic ability--and talent for communicating with ghosts--at a young age, Gerard threw himself into the study of the supernatural. With the help of his mentor, his brother, and his friends, he'd begun making a name for himself as a paranormal investigator. Then his team took a case that sent them reeling and threatened to break them apart when they needed each other most. A year later, still haunted by the past, the team's latest case takes a dangerous turn, and they'll have to fight to make it through with their lives--and souls--intact.

Author's Notes: This is a story I have wanted to write since 2008, though it's evolved a lot since then, and tried and failed to write in 2009. It would probably still be languishing in my WIP folder if it wasn't for [personal profile] tuesdaysgone. From the moment I said I was thinking of trying to write it again she encouraged me and helped me talk myself into it. And then she beta'd it, too, because she's just that awesome. Huge thanks to her, my artist and mixer, and the BBB mods!

Disclaimer: This story is incredibly fictional. Don't google yourself. Certain liberties have been taken with the history and geography of the Paramour.

On DW: Part One, Epilogue or AO3

Bonus Materials

One Piece by [profile] starlightstorm

all of the ghouls come out to play by [profile] ohnoktcsk


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