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Part One

Two months later

"I'm still having bad dreams," Gerard says. "They all seem like normal bad dreams, nothing to be worried about, but it's still rough. I try to look at it as part of the healing process. You don't go through what I went through and just get up and walk away from it. I've just gotta deal with the fallout the best I can."

"And how do you deal with it?" Dr. Fass asks him.

"Talking to Mikey helps a lot," Gerard tells her, and looks down with a wry smile. "I didn't at first. I thought I'd just be bringing up too many painful memories for him. He finally set me straight, told me that watching me try to deal with it on my own was probably worse for him than talking about it would be."

It's a little weird talking to Dr. Fass about conversations he'd had with Mikey, because Mikey probably has mentioned or will mention them in his own sessions with her. She never gives anything away, just nods calmly and gestures for him to go on.

"I try to keep busy--it's surprising how much doing mundane, everyday things helps. And I've been keeping in touch with Greta. She's working on fixing up the house, and she's been reaching out and finding other people who've had paranormal experiences. I think she's gonna be okay. Other things that help...I've been keeping a journal. I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend." His smile widens into a crooked grin. "Or, well, I spend time with one of my boyfriends and we call or Skype our other one."

Talking about this in a session is always a little weird, too, because Dr. Fass knows Grant. She's always quietly professional about that, too, but when Gerard glances up he sees a hint of a smile on her face.

"I imagine that must have its own set of complications," she says, her tone pleasantly neutral.

Gerard cocks his head to the side. "Because Grant's in Scotland or because there's three of us?"

Dr. Fass spreads her hands. "Either. Or both, if you like."

"Everyone close to us has been really supportive," Gerard tells her. "Some of them have had to adjust to the idea, I guess, but they're happy for us. I mean, my parents love Frank and Grant both so much, they practically threw us a party."

"And the distance?" Dr. Fass asks.

"Yeah, that's tough," Gerard says wistfully. "We're working on it."

Frank's sitting in the little coffee shop in the lobby. When Gerard gets out of his session, Frank's got a latte waiting for him, and has added about five more things to their to-do list.

"Hey," he says as Gerard comes up, smiling. "How'd it go?"

"Pretty good," Gerard says as he sits down, which is what he usually says. They might talk about it in more depth later, but that's not exactly coffee shop chat. "Oh, and I told Dr. Fass I'm not gonna make my next session. She gave me therapy homework, I'm supposed to write down what I think I would want to talk about in that session and send it to her."

Frank nods, and dutifully crosses "tell Dr. Fass" off on the list and adds "Gerard's therapy homework" at the bottom.

"So what's on the list for this afternoon?" Gerard asks.

"I need to go get my passport," Frank says. Gerard has one already, but Frank's never actually been out of the States before. "And we need to decide if we want to exchange some money before we leave or if that can wait until we're in Scotland. Or if we're just gonna mooch off of Grant the whole time we're there."

They're still working out the kinks of a long-distance relationship where the distance involved is the fucking Atlantic. After they got back from Illinois, Grant had stayed in Jersey with them for over a month, but eventually he had to go back to Scotland, and then he'd taken a case that took him out into the countryside--way out into the countryside. That took almost another month, three weeks of battling time zones and bad cell reception and spotty wireless. Frank and Gerard were together, so it could have been worse for them, but it was still three weeks of Gerard pining like he was in a romance novel and Frank getting irrationally angry at Scotland for Grant-blocking them and growing frustration in Grant's voice every time his connection started to cut out. As soon as he'd wrapped up the case and gone home, the first thing he'd said to them both was "Come to Scotland", and they'd had no reason not to accept the invitation. They haven't taken on any new cases yet--although they'd better get back to work soon, because they've started looking for a place together. The tried and true money-saving method of living with your parents loses its charm real fast once you've had to figure out the logistics of three people on a full bed, and neither of their rooms has enough space for a bigger one.

The flight is long and annoying--Frank gets a really bad sinus headache and spends most of the trip with his head in Gerard's lap trying to will it away, because like hell is he going to let a headache interfere with seeing Grant. Finally they land and get through Customs, and when they emerge on the other side of security Grant's there, looking incredible in one of his suit-jacket-and-t-shirt combos and beaming when he sees them.

Frank launches himself forward and Grant catches him; Gerard's right behind and Grant wraps an arm around him as well and kisses them both. They're not remotely the sort of kisses that could pass for friendly and platonic, and they're surrounded by people, but if Grant doesn't care Frank doesn't care. It's not like there's anyone here whose opinion they need to care about.

They get their bags and head out to the car, and the next time they do this, Frank is definitely calling shotgun. Gerard's in the passenger seat now, and every time Grant can take a hand off the wheel for more than a second he reaches out to touch him, tucking his hair behind his ear, bringing Gerard's hand to his lips for a quick kiss, resting his hand on Gerard's thigh. Gerard is basking in the attention shamelessly, curled up in the seat with his body angled toward Grant, and Frank can't help but be a little jealous, but it doesn't keep him from enjoying the show.

Grant evens the score a little when they get to his house; he gets out first and opens Frank's door for him, then pins him back against the side of the car and kisses him thoroughly. It takes a lot of willpower for Frank to pull himself away so he can get his bags from the trunk. It also takes willpower not to just grab each of them by the hand and drag them to Grant's bedroom, but they picked up dinner on the way from the airport. Plus he's never been in Grant's house before, so he doesn't actually know where the bedroom is.

Once they sit down to eat, Frank's glad they're taking the time for it. He's got butterflies in his stomach, and maybe this will help settle them. He feels more nervous now than he did the first time they were all together. That time it just...happened, everything felt natural and right and easy, and everything they did while Grant was in Jersey just built off of that. Now he and Gerard have been apart from Grant long enough for being with him to feel new again, and Frank's apparently got all the nerves he didn't have the first time. That nervousness finally does start to subside a little, but it's because he's starting to feel tired instead. Which is inevitable after a transcontinental flight, but is also such bullshit.

They migrate to a couch in the living room after they eat, and Gerard's starting to look tired too, but he makes a go of it anyway, climbing into Grant's lap and kissing him. Grant slides his arms around Gerard's waist and kisses back eagerly, and Frank's about to join in, but Gerard yawns widely--actually yawns while Grant's sucking on his neck--and drops his head to Grant's shoulder with a frustrated noise.

"Fucking jetlag," he mutters.

Frank reaches out to pet his hair sympathetically. "Fucking ocean. We need a teleporter. Grant, don't you know someone who can build us a teleporter?"

"I'll make inquiries," Grant says, and brushes Gerard's hair back to kiss his forehead. "Come on, sweetheart. Bed."

Frank can feel himself getting more tired by the second as they make their way upstairs. He changes into pajamas, but Gerard just peels all his clothing off and crawls under the covers naked. Grant's bed is huge and the comforter and pillows are soft and fluffy and it would be a really awesome bed to collapse into even if it didn't have the extra attraction of being Grant's. Frank climbs in next to Gerard and sees Grant get in on Gerard's other side, wrapping his arms around Gerard's waist. Gerard's already mostly asleep, but he makes a pleased sound, nestling close, and Grant kisses him softly. Frank watches them both, and when Grant looks up at him Frank reaches over to touch his cheek.

"Love you," he whispers.

Grant turns his head to kiss Frank's palm, slow and lingering. "And I love you," he murmurs. "Goodnight, Frank."

"'Night." Frank lets his hand slide down until it rests on Gerard's back, turns his face against his pillow, and closes his eyes.

It's raining when Frank wakes up. Everything's gray and soft and there's an occasional low rumble of thunder outside. Frank's internal clock is completely thrown off, and the stormy gray light doesn't help--it could be dawn or afternoon for all he knows. Gerard's still asleep, turned toward Frank, his face slack and peaceful. It's so quietly perfect that Frank doesn't want to move or make a sound, afraid he's going to ruin it somehow. He looks around and finds Grant, sitting in an armchair by the window, wearing a robe. He's holding a book, but it's resting on his knee, and he's just looking at them, not seeming to notice that Frank's awake yet.

"Are you just watching us sleep?" Frank asks softly, and Grant starts a little. "Because I'm not awake enough yet to tell if that's weird or super sweet or both."

"I was reading," Grant says, lifting his book, but then smiles, setting it down on the arm of his chair. "Or at least, I was planning to read when I sat down. I admit I didn't get very far."

"Well, get over here," Frank tells him.

Grant comes over, climbing into the space between Gerard and Frank. He threads a hand into Frank's hair, tilting his head back for a kiss. Gerard stirs, then makes a pleased sound when he sees Frank and Grant kissing. Grant turns and kisses him too, then settles back on the bed.

"Do either of you want anything?" he asks. "Coffee, something to eat?"

"Just you," Gerard says, sliding his hand over Grant's chest and kissing his shoulder.

"You have me," Grant tells him.

Gerard reaches for the tie on Grant's robe, undoing it way too slowly for it to be anything but intentional teasing. Frank skims his own pajamas off quickly, and when they hit the ground Gerard's just pushing the robe off Grant's shoulders. He slips one arm around Grant's middle and leans in to kiss his collarbone, then his chest. Grant moans, tangling a hand in Gerard's hair, and Frank reaches to turn Grant's face toward his, leaning in for a kiss. Grant kisses him deeply, his other hand coming around to cup the back of Frank's neck.

"Jesus Christ, I missed you," Frank gasps when the kiss breaks, and Gerard makes a noise of agreement, still trailing his mouth over Grant's skin.

"At least you had each other," Grant reminds them, breath coming a little unsteady. "I've been wandering the moors with nothing to keep me warm at night but the thought of all the things I was going to do to you when I got the chance."

Gerard looks up, hair falling in his eyes, and bites his lip, which is just playing dirty and he fucking knows it. "What sort of things?"

Grant reaches out and tucks Gerard's hair behind his ear, tugging him up for a very thorough kiss. "I want to watch you and Frank together," he says when he draws back. "And then I want to fuck you."

"Sounds like a plan," Gerard says breathlessly.

He leans over, bracing himself with one hand on Grant's chest and holding the other out to Frank. Frank leans across to meet him, and they kiss for a few moments, until Frank turns to Grant, pressing a light kiss to his mouth.

"Assuming you want to watch us do more than kiss, you and Gee are gonna need to switch places," he says.

Gerard pushes up on his knees and Grant takes hold of his waist, and after a few moments of awkward shuffling Gerard's in the middle. Frank leans over to kiss him deeply, and Gerard's hands come up to frame his face as Grant's hand trails down his spine. They stay like that for a little while, kissing over and over. Frank's still trying to figure out how kissing Gerard always feels utterly familiar and like a revelation every time.

He can feel Grant shifting on the mattress next to them, settling into a comfortable position to watch. He hasn't made any special requests, but Frank has a few ideas he thinks will make for a pretty good show.

Frank swings a leg over Gerard's so that he's straddling him, kissing him once more before he moves down. He makes his way along Gerard's collarbone and down to his chest, swirling his tongue around one of Gerard's nipples. Gerard lets out a little moan, one hand running up into Frank's hair. Frank keeps going, working his way down the length of Gerard's body. He hears Gerard murmur Grant's name, and when he looks up he sees Grant leaning over to kiss Gerard, one hand framing his face. Frank keeps his eyes on them to see Gerard's reaction as he runs his tongue up and down the length of Gerard's cock. Gerard arches his back, moaning sharply into Grant's mouth. Grant strokes his cheek and then tilts his head to look at Frank.

"Hold him down," he instructs, and Frank obeys, bracing his hands on Gerard's hips. Gerard bites his lip, writhing a little under Frank's hands, and Grant leans in to whisper something in his ear.

Frank lowers his head, sliding his mouth over Gerard's cock. He lets his eyes flutter closed as he goes down, taking in as much as he can. He stays like that for a moment, just to feel the weight of Gerard's cock in his mouth, then pulls back, wrapping his tongue around the head and sucking gently. Gerard's hand is still in his hair, tugging at the short strands. Frank glances up to find Grant watching him intently, his hand now resting on Gerard's chest, fingers splayed against his sternum. Gerard's eyes are closed and his mouth is open, hair splayed on the pillow beneath him as he tosses his head. Frank meets Grant's gaze for a moment and then closes his eyes again, concentrating on Gerard's cock in his mouth, letting his focus narrow until there's nothing but this.

He can tell when Gerard gets close by the way his breath hitches and the tension in his thighs. Frank pulls off a little, wrapping his hand around the base of Gerard's cock and sucking hard. Gerard cries out, bucking up against Frank and Grant's hands, and comes hard. Frank swallows steadily, keeping his mouth on Gerard's cock until he goes still, then pulls off and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Gerard lets go of Frank's hair to tug at his shoulder. Frank moves up on the bed, planting a hand on either side of Gerard's head, but then leans over to kiss Grant instead, ignoring Gerard's petulant "Hey!". Frank can feel Grant's smirk for a moment before his lips part and he pushes his tongue into Frank's mouth, and Frank opens for him, knowing Grant can still taste Gerard there.

When the kiss breaks, Frank looks down at Gerard, who's trying to pout but clearly enjoying watching them too much to sell it. "Sorry," Frank murmurs, leaning down.

"No, you're not," Gerard replies. his tone is sulky, but there's a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he puts his arms around Frank's neck.

"Yeah, you're right," Frank replies cheerfully. He's still got a lot of lost Grant-kissing time to make up for.

Gerard stretches up to kiss him, slow and gentle. He curls one hand around the back of Frank's neck, brings the other around and starts tracing lightly over Frank's skin. He runs his fingers over Frank's chest and then down his ribs, moving really, really slowly. He seems to have his own ideas about how to put on a show for Grant, and they involve driving Frank crazy. By the time Gerard's fingers are stroking over the curve of his stomach, Frank is trembling with anticipation.

When Gerard's hand finally wraps around Frank's cock, Frank moans, pushing into the touch. He presses into the kiss, too, deepening it, and Gerard opens his mouth under Frank's. There's nothing light or gentle in the way he's touching Frank now, sliding his hand up and down the length of Frank's cock. It only takes a few strokes before Frank shudders and comes, sinking forward against Gerard's chest. Gerard kisses the top of his head, and they stay like that for a few moments.

Frank climbs off of Gerard and flops onto the mattress next to them, on the other side from Grant. Instead of wiping his hand off on the sheets, Gerard just licks it, which earns him an appreciative sound from Grant. Gerard turns toward him, smiling.

"Enjoying yourself?" Gerard asks.

"Do you really have any doubts about that, or do you just want to hear me say it?" Grant replies.

Gerard pushes himself up and turns to straddle Grant's legs, twining his arms around Grant's neck. "Oh, I definitely want to hear you say it."

Grant wraps both arms around Gerard and leans in, not to kiss him, just to rest his forehead against Gerard's and look into his eyes.

"Having you both here means more than I can say," Grant tells him softly. He darts a glance in Frank's direction and holds one hand out; Frank catches it and brings it to his face, resting his cheek against Grant's palm. "Just being able to touch you, see you in person...I could just look at you both for hours and be perfectly content."

Gerard breathes in sharply, ducking his head to press his face into the curve of Grant's neck. Frank swallows hard, turning his head to kiss Grant's palm. "Yeah, us too," he says.

"Except let's not really do that because you still need to fuck me," Gerard murmurs into Grant's neck. Grant lets out a warm laugh, hugging him close, and somehow it not only doesn't ruin the moment, it rounds it off perfectly.

Gerard lifts his head to kiss Grant, gently at first, then deeper, harder. Grant lets go of Frank and brings his hand up to tangle in Gerard's hair, the other pressing firmly against the small of his back as their hips start to move together.

Grant pulls back after a few moments, gesturing toward the nightstand on Frank's side. "Frank, would you--?"

Frank leans over and opens the drawer to find condoms and lube, grabbing some and turning back toward Gerard and Grant. Instead of just handing a condom to Grant, Frank rips the package open himself and leans in. Gerard scoots back to give him room, and Frank slides the condom down over Grant's cock slowly. Grant catches hold of his chin, turning Frank's face toward his, and they share a lingering kiss before Frank draws back.

Gerard holds out a hand and Frank reaches for the packet of lube he grabbed, squeezing some onto Gerard's fingers. Gerard moves back, pushes up on his knees, and reaches down between his legs. He bites his lip, brow furrowed in concentration as he moves his hand, and Frank is torn between watching Gerard and watching Grant watch him. Gerard doesn't spend a lot of time prepping before he pulls his hand back and curls it around the base of Grant's cock. Grant puts both hands on Gerard's waist, holding him steady while he positions himself, and Gerard sinks down slowly, making a low noise in the back of his throat as he does.

Grant slides both arms around Gerard, holding him close, and Gerard puts his hands on Grant's shoulders and leans in to kiss him. They stay like that for a few moments, only their lips moving. Then Gerard starts rolling his hips in little circles, and Grant thrusts up against him, matching his pace.

Gerard starts moving faster, holding onto Grant's shoulders as he leans back. Grant holds him steady, one hand on Gerard's hip and the other pressed between his shoulder blades. He stretches forward to kiss Gerard's neck, and Gerard lets his head fall back, closing his eyes. He's getting hard again, his cock jutting up between his belly and Grant's. He takes one hand off Grant's shoulder and leans back even further, curling his fingers around the base of his cock.

Grant tangles a hand in Gerard's hair, pulling his head down and kissing him fiercely. He snaps his hips up hard a few times, moaning as he comes. Gerard's hand speeds up on his own cock, and Grant wraps his fingers over Gerard's. A few more strokes, and Gerard comes, burying his face in Grant's shoulder.

They sink back on the bed together, Grant rubbing Gerard's back as they both come down. Frank leans in close for a moment, dropping a kiss on Grant's shoulder, then gets up and goes into the bathroom for a towel. When he comes back, Gerard's climbed off of Grant, but they're still tangled together, Gerard's head resting on Grant's chest. Frank cleans them up, kisses them both, and settles down on Grant's other side. Grant slings one arm around him, kissing his hair.

They pry themselves out of bed eventually, and Grant makes lunch, because apparently it's lunchtime, or close enough. He checks his email on his laptop while they eat, and something there makes him sit up and lean forward with an interested look.

"What's up?" Gerard asks, watching him.

"Just a rather interesting email from Neil," Grant replies, eyes still on the screen.

"What sort of interesting?" Frank asks, even though he already has a pretty good idea.

Grant looks up at him, eyebrows raised. "The sort involving a haunted castle in England that he and Amanda think they could use some help with."

"...Did you say a castle?" Gerard gets up from his chair, moving around to lean over Grant's shoulder. "A haunted castle?"

"Extremely haunted, apparently," Grant says, excitement creeping into his voice. "They're asking around to see who might be interested--" He looks up at Gerard, and then Frank sees his expression change as he reins himself in. "And I shouldn't even be thinking about getting involved in another case when you've just got here."

Gerard looks over at Frank uncertainly, and Frank knows what he's thinking, because he's thinking the same thing. They haven't done any work since the demon, and beyond the normal sense of needing to recuperate after a big case, there's been the unspoken worry that they're not ready yet, that if they get into anything they'll end up regretting it. And this is totally not what they came to Scotland for. They came to Scotland to spend as much time as possible in bed with Grant and maybe sightsee a little, not to go to England and mess around with a haunted castle.

"A haunted castle," he says out loud, and a smile starts to spread across Gerard's face.



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